Wusong Battery Wetland Forest Park
No.206 Tanghou Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Phone: 86-21-56579007
In 2009, a section of the Wusong Kou Yangzi River waterfront that had formerly been an industrial and military area was opened to the public as a beautiful new park. The forested hill known as Pao Tai Shan where the Wusong Fort and its gun emplacements once stood is still a military controlled area off limits to the public, but the new park surrounds its base. Walking along the waterfront boardwalks and trails, you can see all the ships on the Yangzi, as well as the ship traffic entering and exiting the narrow mouth of the Huangpu River. An old lighthouse stands out in the middle of the water, marking the beginning of the Huangpu ship channel that is marked by a chain of smaller beacons, while a tall modern traffic control tower stands right at the confluence, directing the ship traffic in and out of the Huangpu River. There is even one old wooden shipwreck beached on the shore of the park. The park covers 110 hectares and stretches for a length of 2 kilometers, along the Yangzi River coastline. As of May 2009 it was only about half completed, but when finished it will stretch all the way from the mouth of the Huangpu River in the east to the Baoyang Road Ferry Dock in the west.